Fluke 1777 Power Quality Analyzer

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Brand New in box Fluke 1777 Power Quality Analyzer with warranty

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Fluke 1777 Power Quality Analyzer

Product Highlights

The Fluke 1777 is a dual-purpose power quality troubleshooter and logger. It measures the fundamental power quality variables required to measurement the overall power quality health of the electrical system. It also shows the waveform detail in context with graphed RMS values and transient waveforms sampled at 20MHz. Setting up for measurements and logging is simple and reliable. Instrument powering from the measurement circuit, automatic connection check and correction

Key Attributes

  • Measurement Category 600V CAT IV/1000V CAT III
  • Power: Includes associate variables and assocciated variable including apparent power, kvar, energy reactive energy, power factor, cos Φ, etc. all according to IEEE1467
  • Wide range of power quality variables.
  • Includes dips and swells, unbalance, harmonics to 50 harmoncs, 2-9kHz and up to 30kHz, flicker, inrush and transients up to 8kV with 20MHz sampling.
  • Automated logging of variables.
  • Over 500 of the most frequently used variables with automated setup or this can be expanded with additional values. Values are logged with 1s to 30 minute average times. Dips, swells and transients occur in much shorter times and are recorded at much higher speed indendently of the logging average.

Key Uses of the Product

  • Measure power quality according to the most stringent IEC61000-4-30 Class A requirement.
  • Capture dips, swells and interruptions and the presesence of transient and their cause.
  • Perform harmonic studies to discover the effects of disturbing loads on your network
  • Discover the sources of nergy loses and waste in your facility.


Critical power quality data is captured as soon as you begin a session, without extensive setup or selections


The streamlined user interface makes it easy to navigate between measurement parameters like V/A/Hz, power, dips and swells, harmonics, or power quality health at the push of a button


Capture damaging high-speed transients so you can mitigate their effects before equipment fails


Comes standard with Fluke Energy Analyze Plus software giving you the ability to create customized reports, or leverage built-in one-click reporting to industry standards like EN 50160, IEEE 519 and GOST 33073

Automatic measurements. More flexibility. Better power quality troubleshooting.

Fluke 1770 Series Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzers eliminate the complexities of power quality logging, troubleshooting, and analysis. Engineered to be the faster, easier way to perform power quality studies, the 1770 Series offers automatic measurements, a straightforward user interface and setup, best-in-class specifications, and a simplified reporting platform. The instrument can also be powered directly from the measurement circuit, eliminating the need to find a power outlet or use a lengthy extension cord. With the 1770 Series you'll never miss a critical power quality event-from fast transients up to 8 kV, harmonics up to 30 kHz, dips and swells, as well as the voltage, current, and power measurements that enable you to characterize your electrical system.

Automatic measurement capture

Whether you're performing a quick system check or a detailed power quality study, consistent data is key. The Fluke 1770 Series offers a unique automatic measurement capture system that helps ensure you're collecting the right data every time, while still giving you the flexibility to select and adjust specific parameters as needed. More than 500 power quality parameters are captured by default and the guided setup makes it easy to select the right parameters for the system you're working on. Logged data is instantly viewable, downloadable, and shareable with Fluke Energy Analyze Plus software so you never need to wait to finish a session before reviewing results or analyzing data.

Ultimate measurement confidence

The Fluke 1770 Series are 2-in-1 devices that combine the troubleshooting functionality of a power quality meter with the robust analysis and logging capabilities of a standalone power quality analyzer-in a single, easy-to-use, handheld device. The 'PQ Meter' function gives you immediate access to live onscreen data in the field so you can quickly identify potential problems while troubleshooting. The detailed 'PQ Logging and Analysis' function eliminates the complexity of performing power quality studies by guiding you through the setup process ensuring you're capturing the right data every time. Couple these measurement modes with a unique measurement connection autocorrect function and you can be confident that you never need to worry about going back for a second measurement-even if you were unsure about what to look for when you started.


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Fluke 1777 Power Quality Analyzer

Fluke 1777 Power Quality Analyzer

Brand New in box Fluke 1777 Power Quality Analyzer with warranty