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Brand New in box EinScan HX Handheld 3D Scanner with warranty

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EinScan HX Handheld 3D Scanner

The Einscan HX is an industrial handheld 3D scanner, combining two light sources: laser and structured light. It is a premium lightweight device with a futuristic and ergonomic design that can be taken to remote sites for scanning. The device can boast high-resolution scans, large scan volume, fast scan speed, and a handful of other useful features. It features an innovative hybrid system that employs dual blue LED lights allowing it to enter the rapid 3D scanning mode. Besides, there is a laser scanning mode designed to capture dark-colored models and objects with a reflective surface. Thanks to its built-in color camera, the scanner supports full-color capture and allows for texture tracking.

The recommended object size range for the scanner is between 30 and 300 cm.

The scanner can be used in a plethora of different applications, such as:

- Architecture
- Art and generative design
- Reverse engineering
- Manufacturing
- AR, VR, 3D modeling
- Heritage preservation, artifact restoration
- Science and education
- Healthcare
- Full-body and partial human scans


General Specifications

- Built-in Color Camera: Yes
- Camera frame rate: 55 fps
- Working distance: 470 mm
- Connection: USB 3.0
- Output Formats: OBJ, STL, ASC, PLY, P3, 3MF


- Recommended OS: Win10/64 bit
- Recommended graphics card:NVIDIA GTX1080 and higher
- Recommended video memory:≥4G
- Recommended processor:I7-8700
- Recommended memory:≥32 GB
- Certifications: CE,FCC,ROHS,WEEE,KC

Rapid Scan Mode

- Light source: Blue LED
- Safety: LED light (eye-safe)
- Scan accuracy: Up to 0.05 mm
- Volumetric accuracy: 0.05+0.1 mm/m
- Scan & align speed: 1,200,000 points/s, 20 fps
- Align modes: Markers Alignment, Feature Alignment, Hybrid Alignment, Texture Alignment
- Depth of field: 200-700 mm
- Maximum FOV: 420 x 440 mm
- Point distance: 0.25-3 mm
- Texture scan: Yes

Laser Scan Mode

- Light source: 7 blue laser crosses
- Safety: CLASS І (eye-safe)
- Scan accuracy: Up to 0.4 mm
- Volumetric accuracy: 0.04+0.06 mm/m
- Scan & align speed: 480,000 points/s, 55 fps
- Align modes: Markers Alignment
- Depth of field: 350-610 mm
- Maximum FOV: 380 x 400 mm
- Point distance: 0.5-3 mm
- Texture scan: No

Dimensions and Weight

- Frame dimensions: 108 x 110 x 237 mm
- Weight: 710g

Package includes:

- 1x EinScan HX Handheld 3D Scanner
- 1x SolidEdge Shining 3D Edition
- 1x Calibration Board
- 1x Pack of Reflective Marker Dots
- 1x Carrying Case



EinScan HX Handheld 3D Scanner

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EinScan HX Handheld 3D Scanner

EinScan HX Handheld 3D Scanner

Brand New in box EinScan HX Handheld 3D Scanner with warranty