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Brand New in box Einscan H 3D Scanner with warranty

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Einscan H 3D Scanner

The EinScan H developed by Shining 3D is a professional high-precision Hybrid LED & Infrared Light Source full-color 3D scanner. Thanks to the structured and infrared invisible light as well as new capture algorithms, you can scan dark-color objects such as human hair or face in an easy, comfortable, and safe way for the scanned model. The device boasts high-resolution scans, a large scan volume, fast acquisition speed, and a handful of other useful features. Depending on your requirements, it can be used in the Standard, Body, and Face Scan modes. Also, its built-in HD color camera allows for full-color captures and advanced texture tracking. The EinScan H is an efficient and easy to use device that features a small size and futuristic lightweight design. It weighs just 703 g, making for easy transportation in a time of need. 

Due to its new hybrid technology, the LED & Infrared light EinScan 3D scanner can be used in a plethora of different applications, such as:

Art and generative design
Reverse engineering
3D printing
AR, VR, 3D modeling
Heritage preservation, artifact restoration
Science and education
Full-body and partial human scans

Take a look at this accurate render of an artwork created with the EinScan H. An impeccably well-detailed 3D model features rich colors.

Scanning tips

Overall tips:

Apply a matte spray to easily scan dark, shiny, and transparent objects
Scan with a dark background
Use correct scanner settings
Fine-tune your scanner
Create a controlled environment
Avoid scanning moving objects

The Standard Scan mode (LED light source) is designed for:

Fast scanning of 300 mm—large objects (up to 3 m)
High accuracy and resolution
Scanning with markers, feature, hybrid, and texture alignments

The Body Scan mode (LED light source) is designed for:

Scanning the human body and body parts
Precision and speed

The Face Scan mode (infrared invisible light source) is designed for:

Scanning face, hair, or body parts

What’s in the box

EinScan H hybrid handheld 3D scanner
Power adapter
Power cable
Calibration board
Calibration board support
Marker removal tool
USB drive



Einscan H 3D Scanner

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Einscan H 3D Scanner

Einscan H 3D Scanner

Brand New in box Einscan H 3D Scanner with warranty